Resources & Support

The VAGTC is committed to providing our members and our greater community with relevant resources to assist in the support, education and development of students and children. This page contains links to valuable resources – some of which are external sites and ones that come recommended by us to you. If you come across a link that no longer works or if you would like to recommend a resource, please feel free to drop us an email on

Support for Parents

Discover if your child might be gifted and how to support their unique potential. Explore our comprehensive guide detailing early signs of giftedness, educational strategies, and expert advice. Unravel your questions with our dedicated FAQs and enrich your understanding of your child’s needs.

Support for Educators

Empower your teaching journey with our VAGTC 2016 Resource Book – a well-curated tool for educators dedicated to nurturing gifted and talented students. Dive into authenticated resources, attend our professional development seminars, and embrace a curriculum tailored to challenge these unique learners.

Support For Children

Explore a world tailored for gifted and talented children with VAGTC. From educational resources to competitions and community engagement, we’re here to help them reach their potential.

Organisations & Links

Discover a wealth of resources curated by VAGTC to aid the development of gifted students. From external links to our invaluable Resource Book, we’re committed to your success. Explore more and stay updated with our latest developments on our Resouces Page.

As part of the VAGTC Membership, You are eligible for Free Membership at the Australian Association for the Education of the Gifted and Talented (AAEGT). To Receive this, you agree to pass on to them my email address, contact number, and postal address.