Add Seminars and Events

Super Easy! Go into Events or Seminars and ‘Add New’

You’ll then just need to Give it a Title, choose the Seminar Type, and fill in any applicable ‘Seminar & Event Details’ further down. Then Publish!

Note: you can actually set a Publish date in the future if you don’t want it to be visible immediately.



How to Make Member Only Content

Whole Pages: Edit a Page (not in Elemenotr, just in standard mode), and find the “Require Membership” settings on the right. Just enable All.

(Note: Admins can always see all pages)

Specific Areas on a Page: If you don’t want a whole page to be hidden, you can actually choose individual Widgets and Containers in Elementor to be hidden under their Advanced tabs:

Downloads, Media Library, and Products.

Depending on how Downloadable things are consumed, you will add these to the website in different ways.


(eg. Free Downloads for Non-Members and Members, (usually PDFs) should be uploaded to the Downloads Section of the backend.)

Anything that you want to make available for Download (Like PDfs etc) That you’d like to Track the number of Times Downloaded, Should be added via the Downloads Section of the backend:

This can include Free stuff for Non-Members, and also Member Only Content. For member Only Content, just ensure it goes into the “Members Only” Category when uploading.

How to link a Button to a Download:

Find the file you want to link to in the backend under Downlaods and click on the little icon as shown:

Then click on that link and copy it to your clipboard.

Then just edit a button and paste that link in for the destination. You could also use this link for Hyperlinks in Pages/posts/or even Nerwsletters and emails.

Downloads that Require Purchase (Shop):

If you’d like to provide Downloads that require a Purchase, add them to WooCommerce as ‘Virtual’ and ‘Downloadable”.

If you’d like to provide these same downloads for free, or at a discount to members (For example the Vision Magazine and Resouce Book) be sure to explore that option in the Product data Settings > Membership:

Note: The Download Limit for Vision Magazine should be set to “1” in Product data > Inventory
(This is to prevent members from ordering more than one, and prevent the public from ordering too many (which could limit availability to members).

Adding AGM updates

Edit the AGM PAGE.

Duplicate an existing Container and change the content within.

Buttons on this page can have different icons after the button text. This is a good idea, it advises the user what will happen when clicking the button (eg PDF or Dropbox etc). You can edit a button icon in the button settings.


Discount Codes

You can make discount codes for Memberships (including free Memberships) via Memberships > Settings > Discount Codes.

Note: The “Start Date” and the “Expiration Date” on the Discount Code edit page, is for the Discount Code itself (ie, if you had a “Summer Discount” – you’d set these to 1 Dec to 29 Feb.

The Actual Membership length etc is set in the “Membership Expiration” section of the Discount Code (after selecting which membership to discount).

School/Institution Sub-Accounts (Child Accounts)

  • When users checkout for a School/Institution Membership (or are assigned one by an  admin), a discount code is generated to allow sponsored members to sign up for the sponsored level for free.
  • If a user has a discount code assigned to them, it will show up on their membership account and confirmation pages.
  • If a sponsor’s account is cancelled, all of their sponsored members will have their accounts disabled as well.
  • If a sponsor’s account is reenabled at a later point, all of their sponsored members will have their accounts reenabled automatically.
  • Sponsors (parents) cannot use their own code to checkout for membership.

Admins can view the Sponsor Code and update the number of seats available for a given user on the Edit User page:

Admin can view the child accounts for a given user on the Edit User page

Users with a Sponsor Code can view their code, signup link, and current children on the Membership Account page:


Watch this video for a walkthrough of the features:

Child Accounts Without Email Addresses

Just like every WordPress user account, every child account must also have a unique email address. In some rare cases, you may have members that want to sign up a sponsored or child account that does not have their own email address. The current workaround that WordPress and Paid Memberships Pro support is the following method:

Append a plus (“+”) sign and any combination of words or numbers after your email address name (before the @ symbol). For example, if your email address is, you could instruct members to sign up their child accounts using an email address like or

Note this may not work with every email service, but we do know that this works with GMail.

Welcome Emails

There are two separate Welcome emails. One for the ‘Pay by Invoice option’ called “Checkout – Check”. and anotehr for Credit Card Payment called “Checkout – Paid”.

These are edited in Memberships > Settings > Email Templates

Note: these tempaltes use “HTML”. So you will need to use <p> and </p
>to create a paragraph. Use <br> to put a carriage return etc. If not comfortabel with HTML, use this website: to write your email, and then convert to HTML and paste intot he tempalte.


Member Directory

When Logged in as an Administrator, Shop Manager, or Consultant, you will see a “Member Directory” link in the Footer. Following this link to the Member Directory page will show all Current Active Members and their membership Details.

The Consultant Login (which is just a shared user login) is currently:

username: Consultant

password: smjmp8!xu5intHuE*@7Qk8v2

(You can change this password at any time in the user profile for the COnsultant User.


Keeping Media and Pages organised with Folders

Media and page Folders aren’t native to WordPress, so we have installed a plugin that does this. When you upload new media and create new pages, you can assign it to a Folder – think of these like Categories, purely for the website Administrators benefit.

Occaisionally, it is a good idea to show “Unassigned Files” and drag things into a Folder. (Note you can use “Bulk Organize ” Button if needed.

Replacing Files in Media Library

File replacement also isn’t a native feature in WordPress, but the Folders plugin adds that functionality too.

Replaceing files is useful when you want to swap over an existing .PDF with a newer version. Typically, you’d need to upload a new version, and then go and update all links and buttons that point at the old version and update the url etc. But with File replacement, you can just overwrite the old file with a new one.. to do this, click on the file you want to overwrite in the Media Library and find the “Replace Media” button on the next screen.

Replacing Files in Download Manager

This plugin has built-in file replace features. Just go into ‘Downloads’ > edit the Download, and change the file.



Membership Reports

….of various kinds are available in Memberships > Reports

For example, there is an “AAEGT Member?” report, that will list everyone who is also an AAEGT Member.

Online Store Reports…

are available via the “Analytics” Menu…

(This also included the “Digital Downloads” that have been added to the online store.)

Downloads Reports..

You can see how many times particular downloads have been accessed (things added to the Download Manager, not via media library or online store):


How to Use Elementor

Official Free Academy:

Official Youtube (Getting Started Playlist):

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