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Parent Consultation

Parents can engage someone if their need is outside what we offer through the seminars and free consult line.

The parent seminars are developed with the same approach as the educator seminars with a focus on best practices for advocating and working alongside schools and teachers.

Parent-carer initiatives provide a space for parents and families to come together to share their experiences and learn from others. These may include seminars and workshops on topics such as developmental milestones, educational options, best practices in developing strong school-family relationships, assessments and career counseling.

Using research-based recommendations, the parent seminars aim to connect parents with their children and their children’s teachers, serving to not only strengthen community engagement but to also help build parental confidence in schools.

The seminars provide both a platform for parents to gain essential resources to support their parenting journeys and act as a forum in which individual parents can connect with other parents in similar situations to share their stories in a safe and supportive environment.

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