Free Parent Seminar

Executive Functions Workshop with Neuropsychologist, Dr. Ruth Tesselaar

July 13, 2023
19:00 -

Funded by the Department of Education

The term “Executive Functions” describes a set of cognitive abilities including planning, organisation, time management, self-regulation, working memory, and emotional control.  They develop from birth into our mid 20’s and underlie many daily and academic tasks.

Many gifted, talented and twice exceptional children can have difficulty developing their executive functions.  Difficulties with executive functions in children and teenagers can look like:

  • Difficulties getting ready on time for school each morning
  • Procrastinating, difficulties starting and staying focused homework, forgetting to hand in their completed homework
  • Under/over estimating how long tasks take
  • Over reacting to small things

Come along to this workshop to learn:

  • What executive functions are and when they develop
  • Signs your child may need support to develop their executive functions
  • A strategy to develop executive functions at home that is suitable for children and teens of all ages and all abilities – this can be used to achieve outcomes such as calmer mornings, greater independence with homework, and less nagging!

Dr. Ruth Tesselaar is a Clinical Neuropsychologist and the Founder of Dandelion Hub (  Ruth has over 20 years’ experience working with neuro-diverse children, adults, and families in many roles (live in nanny, integration aide, Neuropsychologist…).  Executive Function development is Ruth’s geek out area, particularly within the context of increasing people’s independence in life, study, and work through development of their executive functions.

The executive function framework Ruth teaches focuses on individual’s strengths and co-creation of meaningful strategies. Following discussions with parents of gifted children around executive function difficulties, Ruth realised this positive and collaborative approach aligns with recommendations for working with gifted and high ability children. This has led to Ruth expanding her knowledge and practice to the gifted and ability population.

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