Free Parent Seminar

Positive Advocacy

July 23, 2024
19:30 -

Funded by the Department of Education

It can be challenging navigating the complexities of making sure your gifted child has access to appropriate schooling and educational provisions. This seminar will give you practical suggestions and ideas for WHAT to advocate for (what types of provisions schools could and do make for gifted children, regardless of the sector of education your child’s school is in (government, independent, Catholic), from the classroom to external activities). It will also provide you with HOW to advocate (tips and advice for proactively building positive relationships with the staff at your child’s school, as well as effective communication strategies for handling difficult situations and documenting dialogue with the school). The workshop will be interactive, so please bring your questions!

Zoom Link will be sent a day or 2 prior to the seminar date.


Need Consultation or Tailored Seminar?

Parents can engage someone if their need is outside what we offer through the seminars and free consult line.

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