Resource Book

Characteristics of gifted and talented children include their extreme thirst for knowledge and their ability to draw information from a variety of sources. Some of these though can be less authentic or particularly well-researched. This is where the VAGTC Resource Book becomes ‘golden’; its contents are compiled, edited and authenticated by qualified and experienced educators and parents of the VAGTC.

The ultimate resource for parents, educators, and students

The VAGTC Resource Book is an essential ‘grab-bag’ of resources that support inquiring minds of all ages. It is an enrichment tool and a source of new learning and discovery in many and varied subject areas. It is fact-checked, sourced, re-sourced and updated by our editorial team every two years and distributed to member schools and families. It includes student competition listings, programs, opportunities and ideas, useful website links, mentor programs, recommended literature, professional service listings, parent support groups and listings of organizations and support networks.

As part of the VAGTC Membership, You are eligible for Free Membership at the Australian Association for the Education of the Gifted and Talented (AAEGT). To Receive this, you agree to pass on to them my email address, contact number, and postal address.