Free Parent Seminar


March 6, 2024
19:30 -

Funded by the Department of Education

What is an ILP/PLP? Individual Learning Plan/ Personal Learning Plan
What does it look like? Does my child/ student need one?
These are plans to ensure that learning is delivered at the appropriate level and pace to match a child’s capability and needs. It is focused on personalizing curriculum and documenting plans to work towards clearly defined goals.
It helps if the student has access to intellectual peers at least part of every day (Rogers, 2002) so that the student has opportunities for extension (within the curriculum) and enrichment (outside the curriculum), amongst other things..
We will look at types of ILPs, what could go into them, how they are evaluated and what you can do to support the process.
There will be plenty of time for Q&A


Need Consultation or Tailored Seminar?

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